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My name is Simon Hedges and I have been operating and conducting Hellarewe Adventures tours for over 6 years.

James, Charles and Alf Whalan took up land in the Oberon district around 1834. In 1838 James Whalan first recorded the discovery of Jenolan Caves. In the following years these ancestral family members also commenced the first tours into and around Jenolan Caves. A tradition I enjoy continuing.

My four wheel drive experience derives from an all-encompassing time on the committee and as trip coordinator in one of Sydney’s largest four wheeled drive clubs, The All Wheel Drive Club, a member of Four Wheel Drive NSW & ACT Association. Allowed me the opportunity travel into and explore many of the out of the way areas throughout the Blue Mountains.

My own personal touring around the world to countries including Canada, USA, UK, Europe and South Africa has made me proud and appreciative of my local region. I want my clients to experience areas that are off the beaten track, allowing them to appreciate the remarkable "rugged mountain ranges” plus the expansive wilderness that there is to explore, not just those areas around the crowded built up tourist destinations.

Our aim is to provide a unique experience for Hellarewe customers. All trips can be tailored to your needs and pace in our Four Wheel Drive vehicles with friendly accredited guides to assist and offer an interpretive experience which we hope you will remember forever. Come and share with us this amazing scenic area in a very personalized way.

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So C’mon don’t get on the bus, jump in the 4x4 and have some fun.

Get off the tar roads and enjoy the freedom of the forest trails and gravel roads.

So jump onboard & let’s plan a day you will remember forever!!!

CONTACT SIMON NOW ON or 0438 434 151 and plan a day especially to suit you incorporating a least four of the must do’s whilst in Sydney.

Blue Mountains - its vast panorama
Jenolan Caves - natures wonderland
Wildlife in the bush - watch them in their environment
Parramatta River- Ferry follows the route taken in early colonial days. The river opens up to the magic of Sydney Harbour.




Experience the rugged mountain ranges,
ridge tops and valleys with an experienced
and knowledgeable guide.

Contact Simon Hedges

PHONE 0438 434 151 or Email

Hellarewe Adventures, 173 Chatham Valley Road Oberon NSW 2787. Phone 0438 434 151.
Email NPWS Lic BM3030. Department of Transport accredited.
Please be aware that tours may alter without notice due to weather or road conditions.